My Story II

*After My Story I*
Things are going REALLY well! I am living a completely normal life now. I wrote this at school. I intended to upload this… so now, I type.  🙂

It’s quite amusing how I feel the urge to write down the things in my mind right now. Maybe it is because I can’t vent them out to anyone, just so people don’t start with it. You see, uncomfortable situations and rumours would have started, and I hate it. HATE IT.

Okay, so…I’m writing also because it helps me what is what and to be clear about the things I feel. It helps me identify myself

I have become noticeably possessive of her-K. (lol?) I know it has been a slight problem with me in the past, but I know, just know that this maybe big. Maybe.

Today I was daydreaming that we were together, and I’m telling her ow MUCH I used to think about her when we were in grade 11. Yep. I AM messed up. She has dangerously entered my daily routine. I’m thinking about her ALL the F***ING TIME. Oficially obsessed. If anyone sees me writing this right now, first thought? “Such a dead loss, writing feelings and all”, but yeah, I know….
F**k me. Can’t help it.

I lust look at that petite young woman and my heart misses a beat. Okay sorry, I’ll try to reduce these cheesy lines from now.

I feel a lot more comfortable when she’s not around. I know it’s normal, but for the record I mean I get really nervous when she’s around and I try my best making a straight face.

The awful part is maybe I’m just a regular highschool boy who has feelings for someone. But that’s just MAYBE..because I think it has more to it.

Let’s see.



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