My Story III

Another one written in class today.

I’ll delight myself penning down some ravishing stuff about her-K.(Don’t judge me)
Like, when in class, just studying and you turn around to see that extraordinary fluidic and elegant facial sculpure. A very oasis to the eyes of an adventurer astray in the sahara noons.You unknowingly just rest your eyes on those Black, luxuriantly lecherous lashes hiding lasciviously intoxicating colossal eyes your eyes were craving to see. You can but merely smile with a sigh resisting your lust to get another glance on her face beholding soft blush bairn lips, hiding the prettiest smile you wanted to see.

Sometimes you just try and not let her know you are espionaging the scene with your eyes. From the corner of the eye you see and give a nervous smirk at the girl, busy in writing with a straight face, not knowing or mabye not caring that a strand of her shining hair play hush with her ear, escapng the rest , and glorifying her beauty.. You don’t get nervous when she doesn’t know.
You just try and avoid blinking.
Man I love her.     :/
You know it kills me everytime when someone gossips how othe boys admitted ‘liking’ her or when she was in a relationship (so-called)(more of a momentary attraction). I try to condole myself it was just puberty, that was just fun-in-flow and she was immature then.
You know, to be very honest, I can’t say anything about what she thinks of me at the moment. Not even 1%.
Later  ^_^
*                                                                      *                                                                       *


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