Bemused was I,

collaring up dingy secrets of mine.

Again…they haunt me.

Make my sky starless.

They are a catalyst to the gloom,

To my harrowing days, whom I must face.

They make me shady,they let me never

Never let me benumb, else in the least,

(Past, please)

Please oust me, let me crawl back.

For I have surrendered, vile fiend,

Let me creep back..

Back to my peace.

Back to the Numbing Zephyrs.

Back to midnight rainstorms.

Back to ignorant street blues.

Back to wet cobblestone drains and nothing but streetlamps

dimly, I wander, blotting each vibe.

The night is noir. It is endless.

But home is superior than times

Bemused I felt..





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