Rather had used depression,

You tell yourself it’s wrong and overused, but

It’s something else.


That word. You want to use it.

But first,

Want to know it.

What is it?

Not glum, no.

It has finer depths to it.

Is it your blues?

Damp blues; with a catch, mind you.

Damp blues, garnished with freshly picked, fine pieces of bliss.

Tell me now.

What is it?

It is when you wear a pall.

It is cold. Now warm.

But now the pall is palled.

It’s torn.

Tell me the word now.

What is it?

You thought you had a life. Vast

And going just perfect.

To realize one day,

What happens now,

Is heavier than all of past.

You are confused. You ask yourself,

Are you happy? Then think of the past,

And ask again, are you happier?

Are you in sad? Think of the past,

And ask again, are you sadder?

Then leave these puny thoughts.

Because Now is heavier.

You can’t explain Now.

But Now lets you down. And up. And confused

But Now is everything now.



You laugh, you cry inside

that pen shakes,

What will you write?

You are moved.

Now has moved you.

You determine to write.

But alas, only to think,

And think..

What is that word?



I know Now.

But now,

How to write




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