People and life.

People have notions. They don’t need to know you. They will build them up using minimum resources available. Being blunt, let’s just say, they need your name and connectiong it from where they got it from, they’ll be ready with an empire of ideas. Now, we’ve read a million times in self-help books, papers, blogs, articles, everywhere, that nothing but your ideas define you; but what does it really mean?

We were all born with the same brain; just with different capacities of ‘catching’ things (Thanks to genetics). What we become as adults is only but what we’d experienced all these years; what influence we took from what and when and how.

You see, everyone’s brain is common in the beginning, like an iron slate. Red hot. Ready to be beaten on. And then, the hammer strikes, on different places. As time goes passes, with each strike, the slate becomes unique-er.

This exposure is what will define us in the coming future. Someone prone to excessive domestic violence will take influence from it, at the same time, an orphan, for example, will have a different exposure. In time, all these people will become unique identities, starting from being a flat iron slate, to taking hammer impressions and cuts, to finally being what they really are. Different from everyone. Being a key; starting like everyone, but now being eccentric and having one purpose.

And you know what’s funny? All this only to people ‘knowing’ you beforehand and only to getting judged because oh, they’re so smart.


We can’t deny, regardless of how much we try to be ourselves and try to express, sometimes some very particular people we think are ours, they don’t get who you really are. they don’t think about you how you’re supposed to be thought as- what you really are. That, gentlemen, is funny.

You know, there had been people who were close to me. We thought we were happy. But we weren’t supposed to be. It wasn’t meant to be.  What they thought about me was unfortunately better known only to them. Looking back, I laugh with a sigh because I’m glad I’m in a better place now. And the best part is, those very particular people in our lives I just told you about, they do think about me how I’m supposed to be thought about as.

But again, there’s another thing.

Recently, a friend read a book, ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’. She told me (long story short) how a guy, Clay, was listening to the recorded tapes of his long gone love, Hannah, inquisitive why she attempted suicide. She did not know Clay fostered deep feelings for her. She failed to realize all this time, he was there for her, when she thought no one was. Oh what a heartbreak, Clay.

The point, guys, is please think. Don’t be coarse or insensitive. Look around. You think you’re alone? There’s no one?

Though EVERYTHING.. There is that one person.

Ask yourself. Are you sure what you think about that one person is really how they’re supposed to be thought about as? Maybe all this time, maybe, you were looking for them. Ask yourself.



PS- Criticism is welcome. Also, please suggest me a better title. My potato brain can’t think of any.

Ain’t working today.

And, sorry for this shaggy post. Mid-Term Examinations aren’t letting me compose verses. You need to think and let flow your avidity and passion for them, which I can’t these days.



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