Fluidic but waveless

Pluny smoke I haze.

They say “Is

It Gray?”

I say, “I see

Me spew spectrums

Of vivid rainbows, yes.

Hah-gray you say?”


I want to, I decide,

But can’t

Close my peepers, they

Remain half-shut.

I peep and

See you there.

I rub them peepers. They Lie.


I wish they lied

and also not, I wished.

“I want you

Right here, right now” I

Wanted to say, but

You’re gone.


I want to, I decide

(Now I can) to

Close my peepers

And only feel

The smoke in me.

I fill it up.

It now burns inside

And I wish



Where are you?

I find you inside, yet

you’re not.

I need you. I need you inside.

To touch me.

To feel my rainbows.

To share my head

And spew our rainbows

From our lips, to our tongues

“Welcome” I say


“Inside me.”


I cry now.

I am not sad.

I am not happy, I

Am..they say..


High above man’s intellect.


I agree,

To these puny humans

But I know

I am the most

Sober I could

Be. Ever.


I raise my hand

and see it hazy

and move it dazy

and emanate lazy.


I see your hand

Clasping mine now

“Don’t go, I say”


I fear her hallucination may

Go again.

I don’t look at her but

I melt my eyes

and rest them on

the hands which clasp mine.

I see them, serine

I feel them, warm

I hold them, tight

And now, they’re gone.


“Why” to Cupid I say,

“Do you play games?

Ache my chest?”

I puff in another, I say now,

“I do this to stay sober”

And lie down now.

I can see blue lights play

Forth my closed peepers


Yet again

They remind me of

Her. Her nails


They remind me of

her. Her hand


Which held me moments

Ago, but now

Are history.


I sigh long.

I hear me, “Come back

You petite devil

..And be me”


I sigh long

as I puff out.


Fluidic but waveless

Plumy smoke I haze.

They end.

They wave me a goodbye.


So here I lie.


In Memory

In shameless Love

In patience

For her.


PS- No, I didn’t actually smoke hashish. Haha.



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