Isn’t it funny

how we fail to express

what lurks within the folds of our skin?

The emotions locked up inside

the dungeons of our hearts,

The many tears and the fear

Of our pasts?

Isn’t it funny

how every book we read

changes our perception towards the world?

How they show us,

What matters is the ‘Lake’ and not the ocean.

How much ‘Will’ is important than a way.

Isn’t it funny

how we cry into our pillows

at night?

But flinch at every human in sight?

How the rhythm of our hearts

thump continuously against our chests?

Only we know the causes

behind it’s unrests.

Isn’t it funny

and sad

How the word ‘death’ can wear down

your expression?

The sombre mood

taking over your demeanor?

How stars can guide you

even when the keeper is afar?

But do you know

what pains the most


is the…

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