You have a responsibility when someone shares something importantly intimate to you. But what when you just couldn’t take it in? You couldn’t process anything? You were trembling with exposure? You wanted to part the pain, you just couldn’t. You were just there to help them listening, mate.

The fear of intimacy is the main reason why people don’t emotionally open up to you, or don’t want things to divert negatively, for that matter.

The responsibility I talk of, is protecting them, rather than exploiting their vulnerabilities, though unintently. They’d relied on you, and if they’re met with acceptance and understanding,they would have stepped up.

What if..what if all this doesn’t? What if suddenly you have a feeling everything’s just..stopped? They end up shutting down almost everything. You stand there. You do know what you’d done. Where you were wrong. Still, you ask yourself, pretending, why this happens.

You failed?
They are broken. They gave you a chance inside them. You messed up. You can easily convince yourself you were so…what you’d done. You realize..

It was all the wrong thinking. the wrong approach. But when you finally run to them again, your mind exploding, chest full of mercury and your body a 50/50 of resentment and realisation, you find them closed.

I told you, you had your chance.

It doesn’t matter how you feel now. You know them and you know well they are worse now. And this makes you worse. You wish you could genuinely turn back time and stop thinking those wrong chains that time. Stop where you went erroneous. And restart now.

But now, perhaps, Things Shall End Soon.


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