Sea and Men.

How some men

Fear being out

In a small boat,

Looking for land

In the days of bad weather.

But now,

They were in the

Hurricane months. And this


Was the best svelte weather?


If there is a hurricane,

You always see its signs

Days ahead-IF

You are at sea.

But men don’t know what to look for.

Must be the sea

Making them like that.


But we


No hurricane

Coming now.


In lieu of the sea,

I think of men,

And resumed my asperity


And dreaming.


I saw the clouds.

Too high to be loved,

Precarious still, avoiding a man still,

For men love. And dream.

And fall for seas.

The clouds take pity

And let men dream them

Like piles of ice-cream

And feathers of cirrus

Against the high

High September sky.


2 thoughts on “Sea and Men.”

  1. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog. I lived just 10 minutes from Miami Beach most of my life. . I miss the sounds of surf and gulls. Never a boat person though. I have to take a motion sickness pill just for the bath tub.

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