Before I Die.

These are all the things I indubitably intend to do at least one in my life. For the record, I’m sixteen 😀

1.Finish reading all of Harry Potter.

2.Have a positive net worth.

3.Get a PhD :3


5.Read a book before the movie.

6.Pub Karaoke.

7.Get lost in a jungle.

8.Have a hangover.


10.Bunjee jump.


12.Adopt twin dogs.

13.Run a marathon.

14.Go to La Tomatina.

15.Make a vinyl library.

16.A month-long road trip.

17.Prioritize people.

18.Become a non-vegetarian.

19.Perform at a metro station.

20.Get a tattoo in Japanese.

21. Paintball.

22.Compose and release music.

23.Perform an Alan Walker on the guitar.

24.Get high?

25.Graffiti a whole block wall.

26.Sketch perfect eyes.

27.Love Myself.

28.Write a book I know I have inside me.

29. Be monetarily self-sufficient.

30.Change (abandon the shitty me).

31.Say “Welcome to McDonalds”. Just for a week I swear.


33.Join a band.

34.Det Kongelige Bibliotek

35.Win a swimming tournament.

36.Golf every sunday.


37.Suck at it.

39.Learn Japanese.

40.Write it.

41.Cry in public. (excluding childhood -.-)

42.Make a cocktail.

43.Give up on love.

44.DeeJay for a night.

45.Give mum two dozen petunias without any reason and tell her I love her.

46.Plant a tree.

47.Ballroom dance?

48.Get lost in a city nightlife.

49.Vacation in Naxos.

50.Fight for someone till first-blood.


52.Become a bibliophile at heart. (I love reading. Read a lot. But I’d stopped and recently restarted. I want to read 24 x 7, man)

53.*Will be updated*                                                                                             [27% ;_;]